As a leading biocluster in Europe, Genopole welcomes visiting delegations from the world-over every year. Although visits were obviously less numerous in 2020, exchanges continued throughout the year at a distance. The biocluster’s international visibility actions were fruitful, particularly in Europe. The Genopole-coordinated project GEN.ERA for the strategic computational genomics sector was chosen by the European Commission and the EU|BIC certification earned by the biocluster opens doors to a European network of 130 business centers.


Genopole allies four European clusters to conquer international markets

Genopole coordinates GEN.ERA (diGital gENomic alliance to Explore new maRket for Acceleration), a program selected from a call for bids by the European Commission to be a part of the European program COSME. Launched in September, GEN.ERA unites Genopole with Italian (Distretto Tecnologico Campania Bioscience), Estonian (Tartu BT Park), and Finnish (Turku Science Park Ltd) clusters, and the East-Netherlands Development Agency.

The alliance’s objective is to gain access to the sector’s emerging markets beyond Europe.

The project represents an important step for Genopole in its international goals. Its central role as the project’s coordinator will give the biocluster European and worldwide visibility and stimulate novel interactions with key partners in the sector.

Like a single, pan-European cluster

The five partners intend to share their competencies within a common internationalization strategy, enabling them to approach world markets as a single pan-European cluster and support the development of their businesses, start-ups and SMEs in the United States and Asia.
The two-year GEN.ERA project comprises three steps: the structuration of the meta-cluster around the computational genomics value chain; deep monitoring of identified high-promise markets; and the preparation of businesses for those markets.
In charge of the first step, Genopole spent the last quarter of 2020 piloting exchanges for an inventory of the strengths available within the consortium for the computational genomics value chain. At Genopole, 12 businesses have already been identified to benefit from the initiative.

A Europe-certified motor for the economy

The European business and innovation network EBN voted unanimously to grant EU|BIC certification for Genopole. After an audit of the ecosystem and its accompaniment actions for biotechs, EBN validated Genopole’s essential role in genomics R&D and innovation in France and in Europe and certified its technological, scientific, entrepreneurial and working space offer as an energizer for the creation and development of innovative companies. Genopole is currently the only EU|BIC-certified ecosystem in the Île-de-France Administrative Region recognized for its expertise in biotechnological innovation.

Increasingly interdisciplinary innovation

Genopole thus joins the network’s other 130 European business & innovation centers (EU|BIC) chosen for their ability to stimulate the economic development of European regions.

“These centers work in a large range of activity sectors. It is very interesting for us to interweave ourselves within that diversity, because innovation is increasingly interdisciplinary, particularly in the health sector,” comments Genopole CEO Gilles Lasserre. “The EU|BIC certification reinforces our local and international visibility and thus our ability to attract new businesses to the biocluster and establish partnerships with other national or international organizations who, like us, are committed to supporting entrepreneurial innovation.”